Therm-A-Cor Consulting, Inc.

Providing combustion engineering expertise for forensic analyses and expert testimony.

Combustion Expert Witness

Therm-A-Cor Consulting Inc., founded in 1998, is a combustion engineering consulting firm located in Phoenixville, PA. The firm specializes in combustion analysis and air pollution control systems emission evaluations for complex hazardous waste oxidizers and incinerators and fired process equipment. Our engineers have provided expert testimony for process combustion systems in US District Court. Founder/Principal Donald Corwin, PE is board certified Forensic Engineer and is registered in 14 states.

Therm-A-Cor performs forensic analysis of current and historic operational conditions for a wide variety of combustion and air pollution control equipment. Therm-A-Cor analyzes the catastrophic failure of burning, boiler, refractory and heat transfer systems to identify the cause of the failure and estimate potential emissions.

The firm has worked nationally with attorneys to give expert opinions on the operational conditions and emissions projected from a wide variety of combustion equipment (incinerators, boilers, oxidizers, RTOs, and process heaters) and air pollution control equipment for locations throughout the United States.

Therm-A-Cor has provided expert forensic engineering assistance on many litigation cases where their expert report provided sufficient technical details to have the case settled without deposition or trial.

A client listing is available upon request. Please contact Therm-A-Cor for additional information.


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Copies are available upon request.