Combustion Expert Testimony

Years of experience in the design and building of combustion systems give us unique insight into combustion malfunctions.

Combustion Expert Witness

Therm-A-Cor's experience allows us to reconstruct historical combustion conditions that were likely to have triggered an explosion or emissions release. This technical expertise is derived from decades of designing and building a wide range of combustion equipment, including: RTO's (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers); hazardous, medical waste and industrial plant incinerators / oxidizers; calcining kilns; high performance / temperature / pressure heat transfer systems (air, gas, water, steam, chemicals); refinery process heaters; refinery fired heaters and any complex burner/heat transfer systems. In addition, the design and evaluation of organic vent collection systems provides Therm-A-Cor with a unique insight into evaluating the process conditions that generate fumes from these systems.

By combining the knowledge obtained in the design and building of complex combustion equipment, Therm-A-Cor has a specialized expertise that provides the basis for:

  • Developing detailed and defensible opinions,
  • Participating and assisting in depositions of opposing experts,
  • Preparing for and testifying in court (Federal, State and Local), and
  • Providing support to the legal team.