Combustion & Air Pollution Control Emissions

Extensive experience evaluating emissions due to operational malfunctions.


Therm-A-Cor Consulting has extensive experience in the operation of all combustion and air pollution control systems, allowing us to provide detailed forensic engineering analyses for litigation purposes. Combustion and air pollution control emissions are closely regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Based on years of experience evaluating the burning of hazardous and non-standard fuels, Therm-A-Cor can provide a detailed forensic analysis of the emission potential of combustion systems, even estimating the emissions from combustion systems that may not be currently operating.

Using stack test reports and analytical operational information from operating equipment, Therm-A-Cor provides detailed engineering reviews of combustion and air pollution control systems that were not meeting regulatory limits and client expectations. Such forensic engineering reviews include:

  • Forensic analyses of current and historic control and operational conditions for a wide variety of combustion and air pollution control systems
  • Analysis of the catastrophic failure of incomplete burning, control system failure, and fume collection, boiler, refractory and heat transfer systems to identify the cause of the failure and estimate potential emissions
  • Opinion reports on the catastrophic failure of mechanical and control systems equipment
  • Estimates of historic emissions from combustion systems and events

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