Burner Management System Operational Analysis

Forensic engineering support for combustion and heat transfer systems.


Therm-A-Cor engineers have over 30 years of experience with incinerators, oxidizers, and process heaters. As part of our forensic engineering process, Therm-A-Cor:

  • Generates real time reports of process safety, operational efficiency, and operational limitations of industrial fired equipment;
  • Provides emission estimates for boilers, process heaters, regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), recuperative oxidizers (RO), catalytic incinerators, and hazardous waste incinerators; and
  • Defines the operational characteristics of burners mounted in other combustion systems.

This "hands on" experience is critical for the forensic evaluation of combustion and fume collections systems, providing insight into operational problems encountered prior to and during an accident.

Therm-A-Cor has designed, operated, tested, and provided forensic evaluations for refinery heaters, high temperature process heaters, hot oil vaporizers, hot oil heaters, LNG vaporizers, water heaters, boilers, and organic fume collection systems.

Our engineers have provided expert testimony for process combustion systems in US District Court. Principal Donald Corwin, PE is a registered engineer in 14 states and is a board certified Forensic Engineer.

To learn more about our burner management system analysis services, contact us today and we'd be happy to help.