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System Safety Review
Over time, the modifications and changes made to a combustion or heat transfer system will change many aspects of its operation. Some of these changes may compromise the function of the original safeties. Additionally some of the safeties may not be providing any benefit due to the new parameters that are added. Therm-A-Cor provides audits of combustion, incineration and fired heat transfer safety systems to evaluate their current status. Therm-A-Cor checks the functionality and current operational status of the system safeties. The appropriate codes are reviewed to assure compliance. The requirement for each safety device are validated using the current combustion operational characteristics. The maintenance procedures and practices are reviewed to assure that the safeties are properly maintained.

Combustion System Safety ReviewThe process piping at most plants is generally in a state of transition. The piping is revised to meet the ever changing requirements of the facility. Some of these changes may impact the safe operational capabilities of the facility. Each modification should be reviewed independently and in conjunction with all of the other changes by experts who know the potential problems that may be encountered. Therm-A-Cor can review the safeguard systems to validate that they have not been compromised.


Fume Control System Safety ReviewFor systems that handle organic fumes, the operation of the final control device must be evaluated on a periodic basis to determine if any process changes have impacted the system safeguards. Process changes must be evaluated relative to their impact on the vent system and the final control device.

Therm-A-Cor personnel can evaluate your process piping and fume control system to assure that it will operate safely under all possible conditions. A written report stamped by a registered engineer can be provided to document that the system is in compliance with the appropriate regulations.



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