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System Optimization
Therm-A-Cor performs detailed operational reviews of combustion and heat transfer systems. Plant operational capacity may be increased through improvements in the performance of combustion and heat transfer systems. The improvements are obtained after a comprehensive evaluation of the actual system operating conditions coupled with a realistic assessment of the equipment capability. The evaluation will provide recommended equipment or operational modifications to improve the operation of the system. Therm-A-Cor has evaluated kiln combustion, process heaters and air pollution control systems.


Burner Capability

Therm-A-Cor personnel evaluated the operation of a multi-fuel burner handling the fumes from a batch reactor. The burner experienced flame stability problems during several phases of the batch reaction. The system would either flame out or generate considerable smoke. The operation of the batch reactor was reviewed and the emission characteristics defined. Modifications were made to the burner and the control system was modified. Tests performed on the system after the modifications indicate that a 15% improvement in the batch reactor output was obtained.



Fume Oxidizer

Fume oxidizers are generally designed to handle the emissions from a process line or series of batch reactors. If the rate of emissions from the reactor is not properly controlled, the oxidizer system will experience operational problems. Additional performance and capability was obtained from the oxidizer with only adjustments to the control system. The evaluation of the oxidizer system showed that a new control system was not needed.




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