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Heat Transfer Improvements
The heat transfer capability of many process heaters limits the production capability of a facility. In many systems, heat transfer improvements do not have to be obtained by the complete replacement of the full system. The performance enhancements can be obtained by process and small modifications to the existing equipment.

Heat Transfer Optimization

Therm-A-Cor engineers have evaluated a wide variety of heat transfer applications. The Therm-A-Cor engineers have provided detailed process and cost evaluations for existing heater systems. When needed the design of a new heat transfer system has been developed. Designs have been developed for vaporization of liquefied natural gas, heating air at 2200 psig to 950 Deg F. and high temperature heating of organic gases without coking,

The Therm-A-Cor engineer will review the operation of heat transfer equipment. A careful evaluation will determine if the heat transfer system is meeting it maximum capability. A heat transfer model will be developed for individual heat transfer systems. The model will utilize current operational information and the mechanical details of the equipment. Operation variations can be quickly and efficiently examined to define the optimum configuration for the system.


Heat Transfer EvaluationTherm-A-Cor engineers have evaluated the operation of steam boilers fired with a variety of fuels and waste products. Optimization of the heat transfer through the variations of the combustion characteristics or heat transfer system produces a cost effective, optimized system that operates within the environmental and facility constraints.

Air to air heat transfer devices may have many problems when operated outside or even within tight design parameters. Therm-A-Cor provides detail thermodynamic and structural analysis of problem gas to gas heat transfer units. Thermal expansion problems resulting from too high an inlet temperature or poor distribution of the flows can be identified and corrected by Therm-A-Cor engineers.

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