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Fume Handling And Control
The handling of contaminated fume streams is generally a troublesome task for many production facilities. New fume streams are being added to the existing fume collection systems to comply with new EPA regulations. The composition of the new vent stream is not always known. This new stream may be flammable or inert.

Yesterday's practice of venting the tank and process reactor to the atmosphere is being phased out. Today, many processes must treat the process and tank vents to remove the organic component. Many of these streams also contain condensable materials. The vent system requires a careful review to assure that it is operating in a safe reliable manner.


Fume Extraction SystemsTherm-A-Cor has reviewed, analyzed and designed fume collection and handling systems. Therm-A-Cor provides the experience to evaluate the current method of handling the fumes. Detailed evaluation of the current operational system is performed to determine the actual system requirement. The fumes handled by the process piping may be corrosive, wet, hot or just simple odor control. The safe handling of the fumes requires that the source of the fumes be reviewed to determine the maximum and minimum flows. Specifications for new equipment will be generated if the current equipment is not safe or reliable.



Fume ExtractorFume streams that contain organic material have the potential, under some operational conditions, to be combustible. The LEL and oxygen level of every vent stream must be examined under all possible operational conditions to assure that potentially dangerous conditions do not exist. If the conditions can not be modified in the vent line, then safety measures must be implemented to reduce the propagation of any flame that develops in the vent system.

The final treatment of the fume stream requires that all of the potential extremes of the stream be handled in a safe and reliable manner. Therm-A-Cor has reviewed the existing control systems to verify that they can properly handle the fumes in a safe and reliable manner.


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