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Today, with the higher cost of energy consumption, manufacturing and chemical plants are looking for ways to create cost, time and energy savings.  Energy efficiency can be improved by implementing new technology, new processes, and new procedures.  Energy savings can also be obtained by improving the current process with minor modifications or tuning.  Companies can increase their production by improving energy efficiency with technical innovations or by enhancing the process of waste elimination.

One relatively quick, low cost and effective method is to optimize the operations of the existing equipment without major expenses for new equipment.

Working with small to medium size manufacturing and chemical plants is Therm-A-Cor Consultings specialty.  Therm-A-Cor specializes in industrial organic fume collection systems and solving their air pollution control issues.

Therm-A-Cor focuses on energy efficiency in combustion and heat transfer systems.  Therm-A-Cor has designed operated, tested and provided trouble shooting analysis for process, combustion and heat transfer systems.   Some related problems might be erratic performances, noise, vibration and emission problems.  The process of reducing emissions while burning hazardous waste can be very expensive.   These systems must be properly evaluated to allow for energy reductions without increasing the emissions.  Knowing the limitations of each burner within the combustion system is very important.  The firm’s boiler experience, working with a wide range of pure and waste fuels, includes an understanding their impact on heat transfer and emissions.

If the plant generates a gas or liquid stream that are not simple fuels, but hard to burn fuels, Therm-A-Cor will analyze the entire system including combustion through heat transfer and stack emissions to assure that the process meets the energy efficiency desired and the current Local, State and EPA requirements.  After the analysis, if needed,  Therm-A-Cor will provide design recommendations to improve the process.  Preventive maintenance with periodic examination of the equipment and perhaps some minor tuning, will help to both maintain the system and prevent possible air pollution problems or other issues in the future.

Therm-a-Cor Consulting looks forward to helping your company with ways to improve energy efficiency.

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