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Therm-A-Cor Consulting Inc., founded in 1998 by Donald L. Corwin, PE, is a combustion engineering consulting firm, located in Phoenixville, PA.  The firm specializes in combustion analysis and air pollution control systems emission evaluations for complex hazardous waste oxidizers and incinerators and fired process equipment.  Detailed modification engineering, combustion efficiency evaluation, control system modification, energy efficiency and litigation support services are provided by the Therm-A-Cor personnel.  Working with small to medium size manufacturing and chemical plants is Therm-A-Cor’s specialty.   

Therm-A-Cor performs forensic analysis of current and historic operational conditions for a wide variety of combustion and air pollution control equipment. Therm-A-Cor will review your process equipment and determine its capabilities and then make recommendations to improve the functionality and energy efficiency of the system.  Therm-A-Cor analyses the catastrophic failure of burning, boiler, refractory and heat transfer systems to identify the cause of the failure and estimate potential emissions.  Through minor design changes, the equipment can be more effective, safer and productive. In many cases, substantial savings will result from improved operation or the elimination of bottle-necks without the requirement of purchasing costly new equipment.  Many performance issues are due to the application, not the equipment.  Therm-A-Cor will work to assist and to build the capabilities of your team by providing on- site training in combustion, incineration and heat transfer as needed.

Another focus is on energy efficiency in process, combustion and heat transfer systems.   While working with the manufacturing and chemical plants preventive maintenance programs  we will provide periodic examination of the equipment possibly resulting in  some minor tuning,  which helps to both maintain the system and prevent air pollution problems or other issues in the future.

The firm has worked nationally with attorneys to give expert opinions on the operational conditions and emissions projected from a wide variety of combustion equipment including incinerators, boilers, oxidizers, RTOs, and process heaters.  These types of air pollution control equipment are evaluated regarding their combustion and their efficiency. Expert opinions can be generated by professional engineers for locations throughout the United States.

A client listing is available upon request.  Please contact Therm-A-Cor for additional information.

(copies available upon request)

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